Cazador de fantasmas

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  • Title: Cazador de fantasmas (Ghost hunter)
  • Categories: Educational game / Math / pc - mac game
  • Author: Jade Madrigal Mora (Coding)
  • Year: 2015


"Cazador de Fantasmas is an educational game which its objective is to practice learning coordinates on a cartesian plane, it challenge children to find the ghosts hidden on the coordinates to win the game. The game is designed to be displayed on web and mobile devices, you can find it in Fundaci├│n Learny┬┤s educational game platform, to whom I worked for at my internship. The game was programmed in Unity, using the C# language. Cazador de Fantasmas has 3 levels, each gradually become harder and the difficulty increase to make children get more skilled and learn new things. .

Fast gameplay