Hermanos Serdán App

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  • Title: Hermanos Serdán App (Serdán Brothers App)
  • Categories: Museum / Interactive / History
  • Author: Jade Madrigal Mora (Coding and wireframe creation)
  • Year: 2016


Hermanos Serdan App" is an app that uses AR (Augmented Reality) to show users the main characters of the museum Serdan Brothers House inside the building, like if they're still alive and doing normal activities depending on the room where the user is. There's a mode for kids where they have to find some objects inside the house with the cellphone's camera and catch them (Tap the screen). This is the last project I did in college with another classmate. The both of us did: coding, animations, UI , Designs, Wireframing, Testing with users and Documentation.
Also, the app shows information about the museum like location, prices, schedules and FAQ.
Documentation in spanish here: HERMANOS SERDAN APP DOCUMENTATION